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Lesson Learned

The other day I learned a life lesson, from a football game. I know…I know it sounds crazy, but stay with me.

All season I watch a player who I knew for a fact wasn’t being played in a position that he was good at. Actually he sucked at it, pretty bad. And every week he wanted to quit. But he didn’t. He sucked it up, went to practices and rode the bench during games. He wasn’t happy about it but he did it anyway. Then the last game of the season, the coach calls him over and tells him to go in, at the position he had wanted to play all year! He finally got what he wanted and all his patience and dedication had paid off. He went on to score two touchdowns and their team won 35-0!

What I learned:

God may not put you in the game right away, or even at the position you want. But if you hang in there long enough; He WILL send you in the game in due time. And when He does it’ll be at the position you’ve always dreamed. And you will reap benefits far beyond your dreams if you just hang in there!

Are you ready???

Until next time….Be blessed!

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