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How Do They Do That?

There’s nothing like waking up with tears in your eyes….

But I always wondered, how do they do that? The tears I mean.

Do they just know that you slept with a broken heart and are there, ready to comfort you.

Or are they there, out of spite, to serve as a reminder, that you slept with a broken heart?

Everything and Nothing

What do you do when nothing is what it seems and everything is exactly what you feared it to be?
When you’ve spent your soul on a moment that you foolishly tried to turn into: forever?
You take a moment to make your reality match your situation, you take a step back and then you forgive yourself, and allow yourself to heal.
Because in time……and only in time……you will smile again.
And if you’re lucky, there will be someone there…..to return the smile.
But only this time….it’ll be real and it won’t cost you a thing.
And if you’re really lucky, the only thing that smile will be hiding……is forever.

So Hard To Say Goodbye…..Sometimes…..

Well they are finally gone. The characters I have spent the better part of  year with have finally been sent off for their big debut. I’m a little nervous but very excited I really hope everyone loves these characters as much as I did.  It has definitely been a roller coaster ride. From characters who didn’t want to cooperate most days (Linc) to characters who decided halfway through that they wanted to change their whole storyline (Idalis).  We had our share of battles but in the end they put in work and I am very proud of the work they did. I keep saying “them” and not “me” because my characters do all the work, that’s how I’ve always written. If I don’t let them come to life and develop a voice then all you’re left with is me telling you a story…..and who wants that?? So I guess we can all sit back and celebrate what we’ve done and the fact that I didn’t have to choke anyone 🙂 But our celebration is short-lived because we all still have work to do. So for now we’ll just enjoy the moment……and have someone clean up this mess this  champagne just made….and turn down the music from our little party before someone calls the police and who spilled the cheese dip on the carpet??!!

Oh goodness…..I gotta run….Linc and Trip are arguing over the last piece of pizza and Idalis is nowhere to be found…… *sigh*

And the story continues…..

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