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Why Do Fools Fall In Love? No Seriously…….Why?

Now if you are like me….you now have Diana Ross jamming in your head right now, and you’re very welcome for that. 🙂 I was doing some soul searching lately and this has been on my mind heavy. I am single and up until recently been okay with that so I decided to enter the world of dating. This did two things: made me appreciate being single and realize that there are a bunch of fools out there and not a stitch of love in sight so Ms. Ross got some ‘splainin’ to do!

In a world of Catfishing and the ever present accusations of “thirst traps” online dating is all but ruled out of the search for Mr. or Miss Right and then when you add in all the people that have been burned by the aforementioned issues taking it out on everyone you really just have a bunch of people running around mentally and emotionally abusing each other; all in the name of ” finding love”. Now I know I am not that old but I do know that at one point dating was a REAL THING. No really……it was…….for real…………….stop laughing. It was real!!! A guy would call and ask a girl out to dinner and they would go and eat and laugh and talk and maybe even hold hands for a while. 🙂

Now it goes like this:

1. Can I have your number?

2. Text message (not a phone call): Him: Hey! It’s ________ you met from _________

3. You: OH! Hi how are you?

4. Him: I’m good. So when can I come through?


Or something like this:

1. Him: Text message (usually at some unGodly hour): WYD?

2. You: Just relaxing

3. Him: *sends you string of pictures of himself you didn’t even ask for* Send me a pic.

*blank stare*

So is it safe to say that the days of dinner and a movie are dead and gone? There will be no more walks in the park or carriage rides through downtown? No flowers for no reason or surprise gifts just because it’s Tuesday? What’s even sadder than that is that a good bit of women are fine with this missing component. So a good MAJORITY of men don’t even consider it as an option when pursuing women anymore.

In my opinion technology killed romance. Yes….I said it! The only useful tool is Skype because of the number of long distance relationships due to travel, military, etc. But other than that, texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, etc took a knife and chopped romance up into little pieces and dumped it in love’s lap. And well you know love wasn’t having that mess so love turned tail and disappeared altogether. I hate to break it to you but love is more elusive than a bundle of #2 wet and wavy at the beauty supply store. You just can’t catch it and end up having to settle for some mess that you KNOW doesn’t look right with your hair type but hey…… least you have something……right?

Expert Book Publishing Blog

Over the years, I’ve seen manuscripts and college assignments riddled with commas and I’ve seen them without even the basic commas. When I asked one student what rules he used for inserting commas in his writing, he said, “I put a comma everywhere I pause to take a breath when reading.”

What? Is that in an English textbook somewhere?

It is just a bad to have too many commas as it is to have too few, so check your own writing against these basic comma rules.

  • Use a comma after an introductory clause. (Example: If you are looking for a job, try the Internet.)
  • Use a comma before the conjunction that joins two independent clauses (independent clauses could stand alone as two sentences without the conjunction joining them). (Example:  Job candidates should match their skills to the position, and they should know something about the target company.)
  • Use a comma…

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D.L. Wants To Set The Internet On FIRE!!!

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A Single Girl's View From The Giant Peach

Do you see me? Because I see you looking but I don’t think you see me. Don’t get me wrong you see the sparkle in my eye, the sway in my hips when I walk, the way my smile lights up a room. But….do you really see me? I know you see the swell of my breasts and the curve of my behind and the soft pout of my lips. But do you REALLY see me? I’m positive you’ve followed the smooth lines of my thighs down to my calves then up again admiring them and everything in between. But do you see me? The love in my heart that is just waiting to be shared unconditionally, I know you see it.

Because I see you. I see you ignoring my wealth of knowledge in hopes of a good conversation being replaced with an up close glance of my breast. I…

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A Single Girl's View From The Giant Peach

Today one of the greatest voices of our time will be laid to rest in New Jersey. Whitney Houston was and will always be a true diva and icon. If you want to talk about the purest of breeds let’s talk about her lineage for a moment. Her mother: Cissy Houston. Her cousin: Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin as an aunt to guide her there was no doubt this woman’s vocal’s were touch by God and destined for greatness.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston had a voice that was always a few steps above the rest. Notes she appeared to effortlessly hit, many appeared to work hard to nail down. Her range was unmatched by anyone and not only did her fans know it, Whitney knew it. Once her debut album Whitney was released in February of ’85, with every rung she climbed up the ladder her star became brighter and brighter…

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It’s Not Right….But It’s Okay….

On February 11, 2012  we lost one of the GREATEST voices of our time. Whitney Houston passed away in a hotel room in California and the emotion spread across the nation like a tsunami wave.

Whitney was more than just a person, she was an icon. Her talent could, and still can’t, be matched and she will be sorely missed. I personally grew up listening to Whitney and can remember dancing around to I Wanna Dance With Somebody in my living room while watching the video on Video Soul. From that to Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Whitney continued to take over our hearts and the airwaves and people wanted more. I will never forget the first time I heard The Greatest Love Of All that song to this day still gives me chills and a sense of the strength that I know I have inside and I have Whitney to thank for that. Whitney was the woman who gave The Star Spangled Banner a life that will NEVER die no matter how many times it is sang since her rendition. No autotune or a bunch of studio equipment needed only thing Clive required was that she showed up and turned out and that’s exactly what she always did.

Whitney’s tumultuous life has nothing to do with her untimely death. The fact of the matter is she’s gone way too soon. We all watched, sometime in awe, at the things she went through but more importantly we cheered her on when she made her comeback and when she did she pulled NO punches and I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. I pray for her family and especially her daughter. We may have lost one of our favorite singers but she has lost her mother, her rock and I can only imagine the pain she is feeling right now. The same way everyone is rallying around Whitney’s memory I hope they will do the same for her daugher because she’s gonna need it now more than ever. I hate that it has taken her demise for her to be appreciate and uplifted in the manner she is now, perhaps maybe if she had been all along maybe we wouldn’t be here. Maybe I wouldn’t be writing this blog fighting tears as I listen to her music but we will never know.

I titled this blog after one of her songs “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” because no, it’s not right that she’s gone but it’s okay because she is in God’s arms right now and at peace. She’s in Heaven with Michael Jackson, James Brown, Dorothy Dandridge and Phyllis Hyman. I mean can you imagine the concerts going on right now in the clouds?

Whitney you will be missed and we all pray your soul is at rest but more importantly at peace. You are truly an angel now.

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