The Lies That Bind

Caught Between Her Husband and Her Lover


When the man that Dr. Teresa McCall promised to forsake all others for, cheated on her, she is devastated. The crippling blow of finding out about her husband’s affair starts Teresa on a downward spiral that threatens not only her marriage, but also the career she has worked so hard for. Cloaked in a haze of frustration and hurt it does not take long for Teri to fall under the spell of fellow doctor Sean Morris, a cardiologist with one of Atlanta’s top hospitals. However, Dr. Morris is harboring a dark secret that not even the seasoned psychiatrist can sniff out.
It doesn’t take long before the heat from their explosive affair sets off a chain of events revealing a world where nothing is what it seems. Driven by emotion, Teri finds herself entangled in her own web of lies, distracted by her failing marriage not realizing that a danger is circling; ready to destroy life as she knows it. When Teri is faced with a harsh reality she decides it’s time to right her wrongs and see if she still has a marriage to fight for. Unfortunately, for her, Sean has other plans and is not so quick to let Teri walk away and she soon finds herself standing between her husband and her lover, letting her heart chose for her; but a stray bullet threatens to take away her right to choose.Get your copy today at Black Expressions or or wherever books are sold!

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