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Has It Really Been That Long??

Wow, I was looking at the date of my last post and it has been a minute since I’ve been here. ūüė¶ I’m sorry. Sometimes life gets in the way and it’s harder to push aside than we think.

Well you’ll be happy to know I am 3/4th’s ¬†of the way finished with the next installment in my “Friends” series. I’m really excited about the work that Trip, Idalis and the rest of the crew are putting in on this one. There are some new faces/names and of course all your favorites. This one is definitely a heavy hitter not just for me but for the characters as well. I am pushing all of us to our limits and then demanding just a little bit more. ūüôā

Thank you all for the great reviews and emails I’ve received in relation to the book and I see that Trip, Phil, Idalis and Lincoln’s Facebook pages are steadily growing. LOL! You guys are awesome!

Well I gotta run but I promise to get back here more often.

Until next time!


Reviews and Feedback for BETWEEN FRIENDS

Which Team Are You On?

Well you asked and they are here. The #TeamTrip¬†shirts are coming! I am so thrilled that you guys¬† have taken to him the way you have. If you haven’t noticed already he does have a Facebook¬†page so feel free to friend him he does post every once in a while¬†as well as Lincoln and Idalis. We are all hard at work on our next project as well. It appears that the back log over at Black Expression is being¬†filled and they are starting to ship out orders so all of you that have been waiting shouldn’t have to wait much longer! My tour starts on my birthday (of all days) this month 3/24 and I am soooo excited. I am looking forward to getting out and meeting readers face to face. Without you guys there would be no me!¬†Thank you all again!!

Is The Publisher Killing The Author Or Is It Authorcide?

Let me start this post off by saying this isn’t a cop out or a way to foster an excuse. It’s also not an attack on anyone, reviewer/reader, etc.¬† It’s simply my way of addressing an issue that I’ve noticed during my short time in the literary world.

Most who know me or of me know that my second mainstream novel recently came out and that I put a LOT of heart and soul into and by that I don’t just mean I sat there and tried hard to come up with a good storyline and some snappy characters. I mean I worked really hard going through it with a fine-tooth comb looking for errors, etc. the same as all authors do when they receive their manuscripts back during the editing process. In most cases the manuscript should go through no less than four editing cycles with the author touching it at least twice and once by hand. Now any author will tell you these hand edits can be and are extremely tedious but very necessary when reviewers and some readers are looking for any little thing wrong to point out about your book just to say “See! See!! There’s a typo!” or “See! That’s not right…” For a lot of authors that’s extremely disheartening, especially when they know they’ve done everything they can to prevent this from happening and have NO control over what gets done once the manuscript is shipped off to the publisher or gets in the hands of editors that they are trusting with their hearts.

So for instance, if I get to the point of red pen edits (hand edits) and I pull them out and Fedex¬†them off to be changed before going to print and the publisher doesn’t change them or doesn’t change all of them, who’s to blame? The author? The Publisher? Fedex? We already know who suffers, the author and their reviews and sometimes their reputations. I can take it one step further and say that the information uploaded to Amazon is even out of the author’s control. *gasp* Yes….we have NO control over the who, what, when or how that happens. If it’s incorrect, riddled with errors all we can do is let someone know and pray they fix it….quickly. But again….the author is charged with the mess and their ability to write is then put in question and they are often belittled because of it. Is that fair? And what if the publisher doesn’t¬†change it? Is it still the author’s fault?

In a nutshell, most traditionally published authors are not the last one’s to touch their manuscripts. When it comes to edits and if they go through them meticulously and send in the red pen edits as instructed 90-95% of errors should be caught and changed by the publisher before going to print. However, if that Fedex¬†package is opened and ignored or only partially applied there really isn’t much we can do. For instance (and this is by NO MEANS AN EXCUSE OR A CRY FOR SYMPATHY) with my last novel I had no LESS than 20+ pages of red pen edits that were Fedex’ed back. I know for a FACT that not all of them were corrected but once a book is printed….what can we do? Run around the U.S. screaming and crying snatching all the books off the shelves? Apologizing relentlessly for something that we had no control over?

My point in writing this post isn’t to have readers and authors march on Washington or burn anyone at the stakes but to give a little bit of understanding of what exactly is going on. Authors don’t have as much control as you may think, especially if they are traditionally published (I can’t speak for self-published authors and won’t attempt to try). We pretty much have to roll with the punches and sometimes those punches land in places we’d rather them¬†not. For me… I take it as a lesson learned and know¬†to guard my next novel with my life and about three outside editors and proofers¬†other than the ones the publisher provides.¬†Problem solved. Right? Hopefully.

I mean, that’s my way of taking responsibility but at some point shouldn’t they also¬†have to do the same or at least it would only be fair if they did.

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National Novel Writing Month

So NANOWRIMO starts in exactly 16 days 00 hour 53 mins and 46 secs. I know this because I’m staring at the ticker as I type this, no I’m not psychic. I’m trying to decide if I want to participate. I do every year and usually somewhere around word count 15,000 I bottom out and give up. I would really like to take full advantage of this¬†month and hammer out my next novel. I mean really just throw up all my ideas onto paper and get them out without worrying about editing or anything. I mean because really that’s where I get hung up the most. I tend to want to edit as I write and realistically….well…that sucks. But I’m not sure I can let go and just let it rip like that. NANO has a great site with a great support system and I’ve already started getting emails from my local chapter here in Atlanta rallying everyone and getting them ready. But still……..not sure I can do it.

If you really think about it a novel in 30 days is somewhat¬†torturous for an anal retentive writer like myself who likes to have all plot lines tight and all characters fleshed out along with each backstory and that’s before I even open a Word document but maybe I can do it. Maybe I can just let my hair down… up Word…..take a deep breath and vomit it all out on the screen because I know it’s in there. Trust me it’s in there because that’s what causes me to toss and turn at night from indigestion.

Now I’m down to 16 days 00 hour45 minutes and 51 seconds.

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