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Which Team Are You On?

Well you asked and they are here. The #TeamTrip shirts are coming! I am so thrilled that you guys  have taken to him the way you have. If you haven’t noticed already he does have a Facebook page so feel free to friend him he does post every once in a while as well as Lincoln and Idalis. We are all hard at work on our next project as well. It appears that the back log over at Black Expression is being filled and they are starting to ship out orders so all of you that have been waiting shouldn’t have to wait much longer! My tour starts on my birthday (of all days) this month 3/24 and I am soooo excited. I am looking forward to getting out and meeting readers face to face. Without you guys there would be no me! Thank you all again!!

D.L. is talking about her accident and thank you all for the well-wishes!

D.L. talks changing her writing style and genre

My Video Blog Do Over

D.L. is talking first week release, pushy characters and retiring ALL THAT GLITTERS


An Open Apology Coming Soon!

An Open Apology Coming Soon!

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