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National Novel Writing Month

So NANOWRIMO starts in exactly 16 days 00 hour 53 mins and 46 secs. I know this because I’m staring at the ticker as I type this, no I’m not psychic. I’m trying to decide if I want to participate. I do every year and usually somewhere around word count 15,000 I bottom out and give up. I would really like to take full advantage of this month and hammer out my next novel. I mean really just throw up all my ideas onto paper and get them out without worrying about editing or anything. I mean because really that’s where I get hung up the most. I tend to want to edit as I write and realistically….well…that sucks. But I’m not sure I can let go and just let it rip like that. NANO has a great site with a great support system and I’ve already started getting emails from my local chapter here in Atlanta rallying everyone and getting them ready. But still……..not sure I can do it.

If you really think about it a novel in 30 days is somewhat torturous for an anal retentive writer like myself who likes to have all plot lines tight and all characters fleshed out along with each backstory and that’s before I even open a Word document but maybe I can do it. Maybe I can just let my hair down… up Word…..take a deep breath and vomit it all out on the screen because I know it’s in there. Trust me it’s in there because that’s what causes me to toss and turn at night from indigestion.

Now I’m down to 16 days 00 hour45 minutes and 51 seconds.

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