D.L. Sparks is the best selling author of: All That Glitters, The Lies That Bind and Between Friends. Her novels are repeatedly best sellers on  Black Expressions and has been embraced by endless readers as far away as London and France. Ms Sparks has also been voted one of the Top 25 Most Influential Black Fiction Writers on Twitter by The Best Damn Creative Writing Blog.

D.L. dedicates her novels to man of the missing women across the country. After dealing with the blow of her best friend Monica Bowie being abducted she felt she had to do something to try to help. Along with Monica, each book is dedicated to different women listing their information. This is one way she wants to keep hope alive for these beautiful women’s families and a a small way to give back. D.L. is also an advocate for uplifting our youth. She speaks regularly at the Sister to Sister, a mentoring program at the Fulton County Youth Detention Center as well as schools in the metro Atlanta area. She enjoys mentoring and speaking to young girls and helping to mold their minds through positive reinforcement and showing them that all things are possible with God and a strong belief in ones self.


For signings and appearances contact:

Diana Lowe



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