Where Is Monica Bowie?

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Still Missing: Monica Renee Bowie

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  1. I remeber Moncia Renee Bowie as a very intelligent, well thought , ambitous young lady….She had a lot to offer the world..I can remember going to monica’s house when she lived on kenwood..She comes from a very loving family who deserves to have their precious child back. no matter what she chose as her career…First and for most she is a child of God…and to whomever decided to take it upon themselves to play judge and juror God knows who you are and justice will be served….I pray for the safe return of this PRECIOUS GIFT OF GOD every night and every morning….

  2. Monica and I went to middle school and high school together. Recently, I was going thru my high school year book and I found the letter she wrote to me. I cried as I read it to my 3 children. She was just amazingly encouraging. She and I laughed together til we cried! She was funny, loud, sweet, outgoing, loving, encouraging, ambitious, a true friend. I miss her! I’ve heard all the negative things the media has said about her, and I’d like to comment on that BRIEFLY. We’ve ALL done things we aren’t proud of and it doesn’t define who we are! THE END. Stop dwelling on that brief time in her life and get to know who she was to us. She is a person worth finding! Monica, Perry’s class of ’91 loves and misses you! We dedicated our 20 year reunion to you! I pray that God has you safe in his hand on this side of heaven. But if you are with Him in heaven, you’re better off than we are! Monica’s mom and family, you know our hearts and prayers are with you…

    Angel Ivey-Winters

  3. Monica is my cousin and a very special person. She always looked out for me. We are only a year apart but you seemed so much wiser than me. I remember you gave me my first wrap. It was banging! I remember all the times when we would sneak home from college to see our boyfriends…lol! Girl bring us some answers, some clarity. Speak to our hearts. I love you and miss you.

    Cousin Mickey

    • This made me cry cause I know her and I can picture her doing that wrap. I still dream about her and hear her laugh just as clear as a bell. She is definitely in my heart.

      • OMG, the wrap was tight! It’s Thanksgiving and I’m really distraught that there are still no answers…however I’m thankful that the family is still in their right mind. God can and He will!

  4. Wow, I knew her 2 months.. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to Atlanta.. Always SUPER nice and friendly.. I remember the night I heard she had been taken.. It made my heart dropped.. I pray for peace for her family

  5. Wow its been almost 5 years someone has to have some answers….ppl dnt just vanish!!!this family needs some closure nd they really need to go hard with that guy that had the car he has to know something …my prayets are with this family<3

  6. Wow just saw this on “Find Our Missing”. I hope the family eventually gets some type of closure. My prayers go out to them.

  7. It baffles me how alot of people assume that when someone dies they go to heaven despite all the wrong they did in life disregarding EVERYTHING GOD told us NOT to do as if it’s no consequences to your actions but anyway….I hope that she is found safe but I believe that she was killed by the guy who abducted her (sadly).

    • Not sure I understand (or want to understand) why you felt it necessary to make that comment about “consequences” so I’m not going to address it. But I will say this much, if you have anything so say about my friend in the negative you need to take it elsewhere. I don’t care if she was a hitwoman for the mob, NOBODY deserves to have to go through what she and her family and all of us are going through. She’s still someones child. PERIOD.

  8. I just seen the show “Find Our Missing” on TVOne. I grew up near Monica in Pittsburgh and played with her brother John, all the time. I had a huge crush on her. I pray she returns home.

  9. Antionette "Nette" Small

    WOW….it is truly amazing how after 5 years we still don’t know where our MoBo is…smh. We had so much fun goofing off on the band bus. WE WENT TO Perry T. A. Together.

    I remember Monica coming to school with her hair blow dried and sticking up on her head; she was going down on liberty to get her hair “freeze curled” at lunchtime. She was so down to earth and never met a stranger.

    She didn’t care she would sucked that thumb anywhere. It’s amazing the little things you remember about people.

    MAY God bless her family during this time of lost. I pray you get closure someday soon.

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