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You drive me crazy…….

I hear a lot of people (especially women) saying how they want someone who is crazy about them. Just totally and completely crazy in love with them. While that is a good thing to want, if you think about it, for what it really is…’s very constricting.

Think about it.

You meet someone. You two appear to hit it off. Good conversation, late night text sessions, maybe even some really good sex sessions. And before you know it. BAM! They’re crazy about you. Blowing up your cell……wanting to spend more and more time with you. Would give you their right and left arm if you asked…..In their world the sun rises and sets on you and your smile.  There’s only one problem.

You don’t feel the same. :-/

Over time your feelings didn’t grow like theirs did. They didn’t move into the next, critical, level that is one step closer to: Happily Ever After. Now… you stay out of  “obligation” because they are what some would consider a “good” catch, knowing that you don’t feel the same and there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t? Or do you let him/her go, take a chance and dive back in to the dating arena?

Sounds crazy right? Or is it????

Yes, having someone who’s crazy about you is nice, but think about this: what if you actually find that one person that is crazy about you aaaannnnd (peep this) you’re actually crazy about them too!I think we all know what it feels like to really be into someone. I mean REAAAALLLLLY into that person. To the point that when your phone rings or you get a text you get agitated if it’s not them. Where the sight of them makes butterflies take flight in your stomach. You know what I mean. That one person that can pull a smile out of you with just a look, or the wink of an eye. The person who’s touch alone makes your skin warm as if you’d just opened a preheated oven. And on the flip side, I think just about everyone knows what it feels like to be into someone and not get those feelings in return. Or worse yet, have your feelings dismissed or played with. No bueno. 😦  Now, imagine you have someone that feels that same way about you. 🙂

I mean just the sheer possibilities that can come from that relationship is off the charts! 🙂

Heart of Steel

You planted your seed in my heart in the brick jungle known as West Gate Village. When Trapper Keepers weren’t whack and Miss Mary Mack really was all dressed in black. But it didn’t stop there. You captured my heart with each Now and Later I sucked on, each game of Hide and Go Get It that was expertly planned, just after dark. Our courtship grew with each can of pop I drank, but never while eating the candy Pop Rocks, cause we were all scared it would kill us.  It grew with every handful of candy fish and bag of Snyders Barbecue chips that were consumed while listening to the echo of the crowd cheering for a team made of steel; in a stadium that defined three rivers.

You continued your seduction when LL Cool J’s I’m Bad Album really was an ALBUM, Salt N Pepa was encouraging us to Push It and Dougie Fresh only had six minutes til showtime. When record players were the Christmas present of choice and Garbage Pail kids were more valuable than money and watching Thundercats and admiring Optimus Prime was almost as good as the pierogies that were being eaten while doing it. Your seduction increased during the night games at South Stadium, when Langley was hated almost as much as Westinghouse’s band; and I surrendered to all of it. Without trying, you commandeered my heart in the halls and stairwells of Perry High during 1st, 2nd and 3rd lunch with the essence you left behind for me to inhale and carry with me over the years that grew without me knowing. I was mesmerized with every single trip through the Fort Pitt tunnels, giving way to a view that can only be described as breathtaking as the sun kissed the tips of PPG Place and Mellon Center. Was that you too?

On a cold winter’s day, for a brief moment our souls met at the corner of 5th and Wood, in the shadow of the Steel building. Each not sure what to make of the other but knowing, that one day, they’d meet again.  I inadvertently left a little of myself on the 11D Perrysville, hoping that maybe, just maybe you’d take that ride and pick me up along the way. The long trip on the 44U to Oakland, for that trip to Dirty O’s, with each fry I ate my heart called out to yours without me even knowing it. And you answered, without even realizing you did.  My spirit stayed behind with each trip I made to the top of Mt.  Washington, hoping maybe you’d come thru, tuck it away in your mind and soul to take home with you until it was time to pull it out and analyze it through the years.

And you know what?

You did.

That’s why it was so easy, so easy to settle into each other.

You know why?

Because our hearts had already met. They grew up on the streets of Pittsburgh, they played in the fountain at Point State Park. They hung out at Monroeville Mall, ate hoagies and pizza from Mandy’s, got the latest tennis shoes from Honus Wagner and fell for each other over a order of cheese fries from the Potato Patch at Kennywood.

Where will our hearts take us next?

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